About Nishati

Improving Mobility and Mission Effectiveness

Nishati believes in challenging conventional views of portable and distributed power and energy, and then innovating to deliver solutions that improve customer capabilities and support their mission success.

Our innovations apply cutting edge solar/hybrid power and lightweight materials technologies in creative designs that push the state of art and open new operational possibilities.

Nishati, Inc. is a veteran-led Woman-Owned Small Business delivering energy and lightweight materials products and services to enhance operational capabilities, mission and facility resilience, and quality of life. As a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of high-performance military-grade solar and hybrid power technologies, Nishati designs emphasize minimizing complexity and optimizing across performance, size, weight, durability, and cost.

Solar/Hybrid Energy Technology

Nishati designs and manufactures portable, rugged solar and hybrid energy solutions that minimize complexity and optimize performance, size, weight and durability. We achieve tailored and optimized solutions by harnessing leading and cutting edge solar and materials technology:

  • High quality 21-24% monocrystalline silicon PERC and HIT solar cells for maximum performance
  • Glass-free, military-grade solar panels, integrated panel + rack systems and integrated solar + racking + power electronics / energy storage
  • Merlin™ Interconnect metallization for superior lifetime durability and power production
  • Flexible hinges for compact foldable panels
  • Semi-flexible packaging for directly-bonded and conformable applications
  • Non-reflective panel construction for optically-sensitive applications

Lightweight Materials Engineering and Design

Nishati’s team combines expertise in established, leading edge lightweight high-strength materials and manufacturing processes with creative mechanical designs that minimize equipment weight and volume while meeting challenging performance requirements.

Nishati applies this approach to both new equipment and re-engineered legacy equipment designs in order to enhance mobility and system utility and, in some cases, expanding the range of practical applications.

Nishati designs incorporate combinations of glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, glass/carbon fiber hybrid materials and traditional metal fabrication and tailor manufacturing method(s) to achieve desired performance, aesthetics, and cost.

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