Bob Charette

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Charette serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Nishati, where he is responsible for overall management of the company. Through his experiences as a U.S. Marine, Mr. Charette learned the value of renewable energy on the battlefield and the importance of energy to build economies and improve the lives of people who live in remote locations. These are the guiding principles with which he leads Nishati.
Bob Charette served as an FA-18 pilot, participating in five combat deployments. He served in numerous ground and flying assignments including serving as an FA-18 Commanding Officer deployed to Iraq in 2005. His final assignment was to establish, and serve as the first Director of, the Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Energy Office, with the mission of leading the Marine Corps’ $352M investment in expeditionary energy. While serving in this capacity he guided the first large-scale deployment of renewable and energy efficient technology to combat.
Col Charette (Ret) has met with numerous industry and academic experts to gain insights into state of the art renewable energy technologies. In addition, he is a popular lecturer on the topic of the U.S. Military’s energy innovations.
Col Charette (Ret) holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Delaware Valley College, a Master of Arts in National Security Strategy from the National War College, and an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix. In 1996, Col Charette (Ret) was named Marine Corps Aviator of the Year.