Dr. Naseem Munshi is the Founder and Chairperson of Nishati’s board of directors.  She has more than 27 years of experience in providing innovative products to commercial and government markets.Dr. Munshi is also President of CTD, the developer and patent-holder for all Portable Array Module (PAM™) solar array products.  She is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dr. Munshi has lead CTD’s technology development efforts since its founding in 1988. Under her leadership, the company has grown to be a global supplier of specialty materials, composite structures, and solar array products. In addition, she guides a staff of highly innovative scientists and engineers who have overcome numerous challenging material and structure problems in the energy, defense and aerospace markets. She has previously served as the Principal Investigator on several SBIRs, as well as other Government and industry contracts.

Dr. Munshi played a key role in the development of CTD’s PAM solar array products. These products, which are rapidly entering the military expeditionary energy market, have been credited with saving the use of solar energy for expeditionary power due to their lightweight, ability to be packaged into very small volumes, and speed of set-up and re-stowing.  All of these features make these systems compatible with expeditionary military mission scenarios. CTD has nine patents in the field of ruggedized, lightweight, deployable solar arrays.

Dr. Munshi received her Ph.D. degree in Polymer Chemistry from the Polytechnic of the South Bank, London, UK.