Mike Tupper

Chief Engineer

Mike Tupper serves as the Chief Business Development Officer for Nishati, where he is responsible for order-capture, customer and supplier relations, product development, and production management.
Prior to Nishati, Mr. Tupper served as Executive Vice President at Composite Technology Development (CTD), where he oversaw the commercialization of CTD’s products and technologies; managed relationships with customers, collaborators, and partners; and worked with the technical teams to identify and address market needs that could benefit from CTD’s core technical capabilities.
Mr. Tupper played a key role in the development and commercialization of Nishati’s portable solar array technology including working with customers to ensure that products met requirements, evaluation of design details and system functionality, and supply chain development, as well as field testing of the portable solar products.
Mr. Tupper has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and has authored or co-authored more than 30 technical publications, and has been awarded 3 patents and has several other pending applications.