Nishati Delivers 1000th PAM™ Expedition

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  • June 24, 2015
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Nishati, Inc. announced today that it has delivered over 1,000 Portable Array Module (PAM™) Expedition Solar Arrays to the U.S. government and commercial customers. PAM™ Expedition is a patented solar array that provides portable, rugged, and effective solar power in remote areas and for use in the military expeditionary environment. The lightweight PAM™ Expedition comes packaged in a small volume and deploys in minutes to provide power where it is otherwise unavailable, difficult, or expensive to obtain. It is designed to maximize solar energy capture, while minimizing weight, size and complexity of deployment.

PAM™ Expedition has been delivered to the U.S. Government and commercial customers that include the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army. The US Marines are purchasing PAM™ Expedition under a five-year Indefinite Deliver Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract through ADS, Inc. The U.S. Marines using PAM™ Expedition for their Advanced Integrated Packaged Solar Panel Case Assembly (AISPCA). PAM™ Expedition Solar Arrays can be purchased directly from Nishati or through the U.S. Government GSA Schedule (GSA Advantage: Portable Array Module).

“Our success in delivering 1,032 PAM™ Expedition units over the last year is an attribution to our entire supply chain and the final assembly team as well as our ability to supply a high quality innovative product at a reasonable price,” Nishati CEO Robert Charette Col. RET said in a statement.

“With increasing field experience and heritage, Nishati is hopeful that an increasing number of customers in the U.S. and around the world will realize the benefits offered by PAM™ Expedition to deliver power in areas where it is otherwise difficult to reach,” Nishati CBDO Mike Tupper said.

About Nishati, Inc.  Nishati Inc. is the exclusive, worldwide, supplier of the Portable Array Module™. Based in Lafayette, C.O., Nishati Inc. is a woman-owned, minority-owned small business focusing on the marketing and manufacturing of PAM™ Expedition and other portable solar energy products including PAM™ Outpost and PAM™ Nomad. Nishati provides portable, rugged and effective solar power.

About ADS, Inc.  ADS, Inc. is a leading solutions provider proudly serving all branches of the U.S. Military, federal, state, and local government organizations, law enforcement, first responders, foreign governments, and the defense industry. ADS is focused on solving our customer’s challenges through the largest product and service selection, the broadest array of procurement and contract options, world-class support and logistics solutions, and legendary customer service. – Our Purpose. Your Mission. 


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