Rick Schilke

Chief, U.S. Government Operations

Rick Schilke serves as Nishati’s Chief, U.S. Government Operations, where he is responsible for Federal customer business relations, marketing, sales and business development. He translates customer needs into new product requirements, conducts market research and guides product engineering and development.
Rick joined Nishati in 2015 after a distinguished 20-year career as a Marine Corps F/A-18D Weapon Systems Officer and Environmental Engineering Management Officer, and subsequent work as a civilian Program Manager, Senior Analyst and Senior Systems Analyst providing project management, analysis and systems engineering support to Marine Corps and Air Force programs. LtCol (Ret) Schilke accrued more than 2,000 flying hours, including 140 combat missions in Operations Allied Force (Serbia/Kosovo) and Iraqi Freedom.
In his final military assignment, Rick served as the first Requirements and Technology Branch Head in the Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office. There he helped implement a strategy for enhancing operational capabilities and reducing energy logistics risks through improved weapon system and equipment energy performance, fielding battlefield-appropriate renewable energy solutions, and instilling an ethos that valued energy as a key element of combat effectiveness. He was principle author for the Marine Corps’ over-arching Initial Capabilities Document for Expeditionary Energy, Water, and Waste, and for the first military directive and best-practice guidance that integrates capability-based, data-driven energy performance attributes into requirements and acquisition decisions. In 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan to coordinate solar system fielding and hybrid power system evaluations. He then led the joint Army and Marine Corps effort to define the operational context and technical requirements for a family of deployable hybrid and microgrid power systems.
Rick is a distinguished graduate of both the United States Naval Academy (BS, Oceanography) and United States Air Force Institute of Technology (MS, Engineering and Environmental Management), and a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN).