Nishati means Energy

Nishati’s vision is to improve lives and increase mission effectiveness for customers who live or operate beyond the reach of the electrical grid, where dependency on fossil fuel generators is unreliable or expensive, and in situations where grids fail. Nishati manufactures, markets, and sells high performance solar panels, arrays, and complete systems for portable, semi-permanent, and fixed applications.

Nishati is innovating to apply breakthrough solar technology advances across our current and future product lines. Our innovations focus on several key attributes that drive Nishati product development:

– Ability to rapidly deploy, scale, and integrate into renewable and hybrid energy systems

– Technologies, materials, architectures that maximize solar harvest and module lifetime performance

– Designs that minimize footprint, weight, size, complexity

– Non-reflective panels for glint/glare sensitive sites

– Ruggedized systems and components to perform in harsh environments.

The Portable Array Module (PAM™) Solar Array’s advanced technologies are covered by numerous patents:

Patent No. 7806370, Large-scale deployable solar array

Patent No. 8061660, Large-scale deployable solar array

Patent No. 8066227, Deployable structures having collapsible structural members

Patent No. 8387921, Self deploying solar array

Patent No. 8109472, Collapsible structures with adjustable forms

Patent No. 8393581, Collapsible structures

Patent No. 8376282, Collapsible structures

Patent No. D755119S1, Trifold Solar Panel

Patent No. D755118S1, Trifold Solar Panel

Patent No. D754598S1, Trifold Solar Panel

Patent No. D751498S1, Trifold Solar Panel

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